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I am a Human Being, one in a billion, the same as many of you. I don't have a very happy fate. Perhaps because of laziness, or maybe because I lost something in my life, something very important. I try to enjoy life, enjoy what I have, but every day it turns out to be more difficult to do, and all because I clearly see the imperfection of this world, the system imposed on us by megacorporations and power-hungry governments. I am not absolutizing, there are positive examples in the world, but I want to focus on a trend that shows the overall picture of the world.

I don't know English very well, so don't judge me harshly. I am writing this message for everyone who cares about what is happening in the world, for those who want to somehow change this world, for those who believe that even one attempt is worth trying, and never gives up, no matter what. If you are a skeptic and consider this another attempt to cash in on the feelings and hopes of other people, you should not continue reading this message, it is not for you. This is a message for those who still believe in the best, who believe that this world can be changed, made better. And I'm one of those people.

I'm not afraid of anything in this life, except for one thing. I am afraid to leave my life without doing anything important, important for this world, for those people who see that the world needs to be changed, but do not believe that they are capable of doing something. And I know that I can't change anything alone, but I also know that together we can do it. We need to act, and act now. Someone has to start it, and I can honorably take on this role.

I am not a radical, I am for the peaceful solution of issues and I know for sure that there is a formula in the universe that will help make my dreams come true, you just need to find it. This is exactly what I intend to do, and I urge you to do it.

Based on the last paragraph, it can be understood that the project is conceived as an incubator for the development of methods and ideas that will allow us to find the best way to develop our common home - planet Earth. To find ways that will unite us and make us a single people who will proudly bear the name of Earthlings.

The incubator is being developed in the format of a virtual state, where people will "live" who will really be able to participate in the life of the country and change it with their ideas and deeds. A mechanism will be created in this country that will allow every citizen to benefit, speak and be heard.

Modern politics is rotten, and democracy itself and its principles do not fully function in modern realities. We need a more transparent and honest system for everyone. At the same time, political science is too complicated for an ordinary person to understand, and it is often done intentionally to facilitate the management of people, because, as everyone knows, ignorance of the environment is the way to submission. But this is wrong, because in a world arranged in this way, people have no desire to actively participate in the life of the country.

The Heritage of the Kingdom project functions as a state. The form of government is a progressive monarchy. Perhaps you will ask: "What is a progressive monarchy?", and I will be happy to answer you with an example. In fact, it is an enterprise, a business run by one person, the owner, the creator. And we all know that it is the creator who is the ideological inspirer and is most interested in the success of the project. But, among other things, each employee works for the benefit of the enterprise and can make rational proposals to achieve progress. A progressive monarchy is like a hive in which everyone has their own place and role. Everyone is an important and integral part of the community.

The basis of the project is science, education, technology and care for the environment, our home. People like to play a variety of games, so presumably the processes should be interesting and unobtrusive, but no less serious. All projects and their processes should be provided with various motivations that give useful bonuses and benefits to every member of society without exception.

The system will be built on a system of titles familiar to everyone from the past, each title of which speaks about the status in society, and therefore, how much a particular individual has invested in building our common bright future.

Every citizen will have an identity card in the form of an identity card, which will contain all the necessary data and give the right to participate in all state processes. In addition, upon reaching a certain rating, registration certificates will be issued indicating the current name. Over time, each title will open up new opportunities for its owner.

There are a huge number of interesting ideas for the implementation of the project, and most importantly, a great desire to bring it to life. To realize my plans, I need funds to start changing this world, but most importantly, I need like-minded people who can offer innovative solutions to change this world. I will accept any voluntary donations, both in the form of money, and in the form of advice, ideas and other assistance.

As a result, I would like to clarify that I was not looking for special words to get some material benefit, I told about what I have in my heart. These are thoughts that I have been carrying in my head for years, and this is what makes my heart ache. If you are ready to support me in any way, I will be very happy about it. That would mean I'm not the only one. I will accept absolutely any help that you are ready to provide. If you still have any questions or have any suggestions, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I will answer everyone.

Have a nice day and peace to everyone in the whole world!

With respect to everyone, Alex!

P.S. i'm Israeli, but temporary stuck in Belarus. Us you know local banks had a sanctions and work only inside country. Other payment system and services don't work with Belarus. So if you know another way to donate to the project, tell me please. Anyway you can send me other types of help. Advices, offer of cooperation and other.

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